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Cube Rush

With seven different tracks of original music and over 500 hundred unique sound effects, this game has millions of users playing daily and enjoying the work I put into it.

Hard Rock Cafe

I worked with Hard Rock Cafe representatives to compose the perfect theme for their mobile game’s background music and sound effects.

Bubble Shooter

With more than 100 million downloads, and millions of active people playing every day, I worked carefully and methodically on each and every sound effect in this game, which has over 400 sound effects as of 2021.


I have worked with Matific since 2016, and have created almost 3000 musical cues and sound effects for hundreds of their educational math learning games. All these sound effects really add up! :)

Little Mix the Idollz

This unreleased game featuring top 100 Billboard-charting British girl group "Little Mix" has more than 50 music tracks and 100 sound effects of high-end quality to match the band's standards.

Retro themed 

​​This project had a fun and creative edge to it. In these two games we wanted to create a retro experience. For the first game I created a mix of modern sound design with an old-school touch, while the second game was 100% 8-bit sound design.

Jelly Button Games

I have also worked with Playtika's subsidiary "Jelly Button", for whom I created the music theme and sound effects for their Pirate Block puzzle game "Blast Voyage".

Indie game

I enjoy working on fun projects with small teams. "Poncho Joe" is a game where I mixed Flamenco and traditional Japanese music. For "Town Conqueror" we aimed for a 50's sci-fi music style, while the Santa Claus game called for composing a variation on classic Christmas music.

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