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Animated Shorts

I compose music and sound design for high-quality promotional videos. Here are some examples from Hard Rock Cafe and Ilyon LTD.

International Commercials

I have composed music and sound design for hundreds of international video ads. These ads all required original music in a variety of styles with creative and outstanding sound designs.

For example, an international video ad in Japan required an "Anime/Dragonball"  feel, while another advert aimed for a "Gregorian Choir" chanting the word "Bubbles".

Video Art

I have worked with artists to create amazing scores and sound effects for their art, 
and my work was even presented at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Promotional Videos

Composing and sound design work for companies like Wix, Deviantart, AT&T and more.


Examples of short films and documentaries from very early in my career.

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